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About Bright Start Financial

At Bright Start Financial we celebrate education, transparency and ethics.

We are in the business of helping educate Canadian parents about their options when it comes to planning for their child’s future. This way they can make informed decisions.

As the saying goes “may you live in interesting times”.  Although an old expression it feels more relevant today than ever. Children are graduating from high school and choosing paths that didn’t exist 10 and 15 years ago.  And the only thing we can be certain of in the future, is that these paths will continue to change and open up even faster in the future.   This means that FLEXIBLE saving plans are more important than ever.

Bright Start Financials' focus is on providing a financial solution that allows children to follow their dreams!

Founder Story

Leslie Gottlieb started her financial services career in 1995 upon graduation from the University of Toronto. She started her career advising clients with IG Wealth Management, one of Canada’s most client focused investment firms.  She continued advising clients with leading companies such as RBC Dominion Securities and BMO Wealth Management where she gained an abundance of knowledge and experience. 

Over the years she has worked together with countless Canadian families to help guide them through life's important and ever changing financial decisions.  This proactive financial planning enabled her clients to reach the financial goals they set for their families so that they could ultimately enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Every family has their unique goals, but a universal one is to “help their child (children) achieve their potential.” But as a young parent in our fast-changing world, how do you know what their future may look like 15-20 years?  Leslie has helped many parents see that whatever the future holds for their child; starting a business, attending trade school, college or university, or learning the ropes in a chosen field they need to start saving as early as possible. 

It has come as a bit of a surprise though to many parents that as their children were launching their independent lives, Canada’s Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) - although well-intentioned - will not always meet the funding needs for many directions.  There are however solutions that are sound, flexible, and will fund a lifetime of dreams.

Leslie began Bright Start Financial to introduce different savings approach to new parents. She offers flexible savings strategies to clients which will help launch their child into their future, whatever that future holds.